Temperatures have really been dropping here in the North East of Scotland. Its been challenging to stay warm but really magical to watch the frozen landscape change day to day and see simple objects transform into bejewelled sparkling sculptures. Here are some images from a magical frosty day at Findhorn beach. 



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  1. I have been really thinking about how I might contribute to you and your journey and it has been playing on my mind for sometime. I am currently exploring how to be and make my way here in France. I don’t have financial resources at the moment but I do have time. I am just about to start an exploration with another artist who lives not far from here. I also am going to visit a community called La Coume that are about half an hour from here. There is also another artist I have got involved with who dances and lives in south London. Somehow all of this is connected. I just got Yacov’s notice about his book with butterfly and jaguar in its title and remembered how I and my dance resonated with butterfly and you with jaguar. This made the final link in that I felt I had to write and say that I will give you my support through my prayers and discourse.

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