When did you stop dancing?

When did you stop dancing?

I wrote this piece on Facebook back 3 years ago: in February 2016, around the time that I decided to go to Findhorn for the first time. This piece isn’t directly about one eco-village or any project in particular: it is about, what I believe is the most fundamental aspects of being human: being creative; being in connection; being in community and how they are intrinsically a part of dealing with the most challenging moments of our lives. I’m posting it as I was heartened to read it again and to remember this thread of hope that runs through the work that I wish to offer in the world. Slowly like a flower all of that will bloom in its own blooming time. But for now there is this piece: 

A lot of people are posting about suicide at the moment… and asking people to cut and paste the post. I was going to (cut and paste) but realised that I don’t fundamentally agree with the use of the terms illness and disease to describe depression and attempts at suicide. 

I have no issue whatsoever with people raising awareness about suicide and its causes but I have issue with how it is pigeon holed. 

As someone who has been ‘treated’ in the past within our current allopathic health system for depression I can say categorically that nothing that medical doctors recommended helped. I had anti depressants pushed on me from every angle… and was constantly told that pills were the answer. I feel such anger for the narrow-minded view of what doctors call depression. What has helped me stay here on this planet is to understand that feelings of wanting to end my life are not simply mental; they are also very much emotional and spiritual…. We have become utterly disconnected from one another, from our communities and from the earth – this is causing us utter emotional and mental trauma! Our planet and our race is in turmoil because we have forgotten that we need one another and need to care for our earth.

What keeps me here are daily practices including dance (lots and lots of dancing!!!) meditation and art i.e. doing what I LOVE, walking on the earth remembering to be grateful to her, remembering that I am Earth, Fire, Water and Air. When did we forget who and what we are? When did we forget that we are all interconnected, that we are all unique and love-able! I absolutely, wholeheartedly agree that the rates of suicide are terrifying: it is a symptom of our collective terror of separation.

Yes posting about suicide is important, talking about it is important … what is also important is to recognise the terrifying stories of our age, the possibility of our impending collapse as a race and what that is doing to us collectively.. Its important to reach out and hold peoples hands, to simply listen to one anther without trying to solve everything, acknowledge the heartache, the existential fears, the tears, ask people how they are, ask people: “what do you love and how can I support you to follow that?”.

Life is an INCREDIBLE gift .. it is an incomprehensible amazing stupefyingly beautiful gift!! We are here to be free, to be creative, to be all that we can be and to be true to our nature… So Dance, draw, sing, write music, write poetry and share it! We don’t have a disease that can be cured with pills…. we have allowed ourselves to be orphaned from our ancestors, our planet, our community.. we have a heartache and grief that will only be cured by recognising that we are all in this together, that we are perfect as we are and that we are innately creative expressive beings… It is our nature and our birthright to be free and creative..and inter-connected… we are all inter-being!

The quote in the image below is by Gabrielle Roth – one of the Mama’s of the lineage of my main spiritual, emotional, mental, physical practice: Movement Medicine. She, along with so many amazing visionaries, teachers and from the wisdom of indigenous peoples, got that the ‘cure’ for the ‘diseases’ of separation is to connect with your own body heart and mind and then to the bodies hearts and minds of everyone and everything around us. Living isn’t easy but its infinitely easier when we are connected to ourselves and who and what we love.

With Love, compassion and deep respect for all beings journeying with emotional mental and spiritual grief: you are not alone and you are profoundly loved. x


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  1. Maria says:

    Beautifully written , so truthful , inspiring and relevant .
    I’ve just come across your site and am finding it full of generous insights , information and inspiration . I’m intrigued by what you’ve accomplished so far. You’ve given me much to explore now and to follow up on. With gratitude to you Sinead.

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