Movers and shakers

Movers and shakers
Humans were not designed to sit still… but somehow we have decided that this is the appropriate thing to do in order to evolve.. I am sitting in the library at a collective desk of 8 people.. three of them are rocking and shaking like there’s no tomorrow: restless, stressed, uneasy or just naturally needing movement.. I’m thinking we need a dance break here!
People say that kids are natural wrigglers: restless…. and some say that it is wrong and unnatural to make them sit still in schools.. But when did we decide that it was ok to make adults sit still?
I’ve never been able to do it.. I’ve always been a fidget: crawling around on my chair, feet up, feet down, sitting on the ground, sitting on the back of the chair.
Methinks we have some serious re-designing and unlearning to do allow for our collective evolution away from office work. This idea of ‘sitting still for 8 hour a day’ smells of industrialisation and colonisation to me.. and feels wrong in every fibre of my being.. In our society we are trained to sit still so that we will not be a bother.. we are trained to sit still so that we will tolerate this system….
I know this post will bother those who don’t see that they have another choice other than to sit in an office all day.. but in your heart do you believe that this REALLY is the best we can do as an evolved intelligent society?.. In your heart do we really think that being locked away from the land and the elements is benefiting us and our communities and is conducive to healthy future generations?
I don’t have the answers.. and I know so well the frustrations of this system and the sense of disempowerment so any of us feel.. but before jumping to look for solutions are we asking the right questions? To quote Charles Eisenstein: “We don’t need smarter solutions, We need different questions”.
If any of this resonates or frustrates you, you could consider joining me on Charles’s on line course: Unlearning for change agents
Isn’t it interesting that those powerful folks in our society who make great accomplishments are known as the ‘movers and shakers’… they are not known as the ‘sit-stillers and stay quiet-ers’.
And thats why movements are called movements.
Movement is life.
Movement is change.

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