Common Ground Co-Housing

Common Ground Co-Housing

In September 2018-June 2020 I was involved in an interesting co-housing project: 

“Common Ground Co-Housing is pioneering building Ireland’s first Co-Housing community. We are adopting a Mutual Home Ownership Society financial model which, in addition to providing flexible and secure housing for its members ensures that the housing remains affordable in perpetuity. We are incorporating best practice with the low impact environmental design of the development and it’s long term sustainability. We aim that through our endeavours a template for resilient, affordable and vibrant living in Ireland will be established.”

We were initially 35 adults, 25 children and 3 young adults who have come together to create a new paradigm for housing in Ireland. We were inspired and mentored by LILAC Leeds; a co-housing project completed in 2013. LILAC is an anagram for Low Impact Living Affordable Community.

You can find out more about us on CGCH website and at CoHousing Here a two day event in Dublin on the Friday 14th and Saturday 15th June organised by SOA (Self organised architecture). 

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