I’m Sinéad, an environmental architect, an artist, a Movement Medicine* teacher, and a woman of heart and great passion for our earth.

This blog is an account of my journey of letting go of my life in Dublin and following my passion to help build and sustain resilient creative communities. I started a journey in the beginning of October 2016 and I explored eco-community life as a setting for my creativity, sharing my experiences as a way of inspiring positive creative change in peoples lives. This blog is about my experiences along the way and how life is now, landing back in Ireland after almost two years travelling.

As part of my journey I  participated in community projects and offered my skills as an environmental architect, artist and Movement Medicine teacher: working on building projects, creating community art installations and offering classes. I have shared details of my journey including the inspiring people that I meet along the way, the ups and downs of skilling up, and practical information about day to day living that may inspire you to take creative action in your life.

Thank you for reading!


* Movement Medicine is a moving meditation practice that deepens your connection to yourself, to your creativity and to the world around you.

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